Are the perfumes all natural?
All natural is not a limitation we seek. So, no. But they do contain large amounts of naturals.
What are these perfumes good for?
Appreciation, distraction, haunting, contemplation, association and plain old smelling good. They might not fill the void within, they might not cure your traumas, they might not make you more attractive. You are already beautiful though. Promise.
Are the perfumes IFRA compliant?
Yes. It was possible to be so.
Can you send me samples?
For evaluation purposes, your options are either purchasing the discovery set or using the sample programs of our retailers.
Did the perfumes change?
Eaumer and Ruh went through identifiable remastering. Other changes are mainly due to standardization and “batch variation” that naturally occur with raw materials we use. If you would really, REALLY want the previous versions, drop us an email.

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