Preach what you practice


There are now people who make perfumes in a different way, with intentions obscure to most people. Not all of us are in it for the money and as difficult as it is, it is now possible to be so. There are other things than sex and power that inspire and occupy us. We don’t talk much because fake is so prevalent that honesty sounds fake or alien. We are comfortable hiding in the ambiguous medium that is perfume. We feel the inefficacy of the words and the entitled feeling of understanding they elicit. Especially when written down. Perfume is a whisper in the air. It’s a ghost that can be dismissed. It is a song that is consumed, not easy to replicate.

Some of us say what we do isn’t perfume, in order to deny the monolithic. I understand but disagree. Tabula Rasa is music despite Despacito. I’ve written down to remind myself again and again (I do not listen) to refuse the current language. I’ve just read it again from the wall behind me. “Refuse the current language gender and beauty.” People are still surprised to find out some perfumes do not have directions for gender. The story is limited to the rat race. The narrative is still about compliments, attraction, hygiene, riches, power. Things we must be and not what we can be for better or worse. There is no tragedy. There is no sadness. Contention, appreciation, solitude, solidarity, true courage. There is only the race. It’s so strong and prevalent it makes us deny the reality we live every day. We believe what we don’t feel. The tension breaks us.

My friends who understand tell me to just keep silent and do my thing (No you weren’t the only one). But we are what we are and there will be a lot of time to stay silent when we are dead.

tl;dr: buy Pekji perfumes because they get compliments and are very persistent.


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