A recollection of the events


Hi Friends. Long time no see.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be posting in this blog section but I thought I could use it for a more casual communication with you all. If you’re the kind of person reading tens of sentences long text here I think we’ll be fine. So here’s a first post in the form of a recap regarding what happened with me and this Pekji project.

Last time we met, I was sending out perfumes in those punk, “hand-made-by-hand” bottles with torn wine labels and stamped names on them -I love those bottles btw. A few months after I finished composing Battaniye, I decided to take this venture more seriously and started working on an overhaul. This meant having a production line with repeatable, standardized products with better service, wider reach and less out-of-stock problems. In retrospect that was a bigger bite than anticipated and it murdered several deadlines and almost my soul along the way.

When you rely on natural materials in the compositions, standardization becomes an issue. Especially when they are complex materials taking up a lot of space, things tend to get beyond mere “batch variation.” Add IFRA regulations to the mix and it becomes quite the challenge. I spent months personally remastering the compositions, trying to understand what I can and can not get away with. While I was at it, I also gave them a little polish and that “one more stroke” that got away when I first released them into the wild. Those were the only factors that mattered. 

So for the launch of this new line, I chose four from my previous compositions and composed a new one, partly as coping with all that I was going through and partly as a thematic step between the past and the future. It’s called Zeybek, it’s quite challenging and I produced it without having much feedback about it. Less than ten of you took a sneak-peek of its mods. Thankfully the pre-launch reception was extremely enthusiastic and reaffirming. Thanks for enabling my crazy.

Several of you have been asking and here’s the bittersweet answer. Cuir6 and Holy Shit are not available right now. I am though, planning to make them available again (as they were) soon after I get back in the workshop. They will be produced in smaller batches, as they were. Many sketches are waiting to be worked on also. Can’t wait to resume working with scales again.

Anyway. This has mostly been a retrospection and as always there is more. Hope to meet you again further along the path.

Thank you.


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